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What is Alchemy

The scary truth about Alchemy is that ultimately it is just about energy work. However it is not just any energy we are talking about here, we are talking about intelligent, conscious, life giving/creating energy. The kind of energy most people refer to as "God". It comes to us internally and externally in millions of forms, which are constantly in motion changing and transforming. This energy is what physicists and chemists are specifically not interested in because it can't be controlled in the way they want in order to be captured, controlled, packaged and commoditized. " God" is not on tap and mere humans regardless of the quantity of their arrogance will never be allowed to harness this potential unless they work to change their inner nature and BECOME ONE with "God" ( i.e. become trustworthy). In the east this is called Nirvana or achieving Samahdi. In the West this is called self-realization or Mastery.

An Alchemist is someone who having learned the cosmology of Creation and the structure of their spirituality, embarks upon a project to awaken, harness, purify, refine and distill their internal energies and resources. In the process completely transforming themselves physically, psychologically and spiritually. Thus achieving their spiritual awakening to the knowledge of the Mysteries of Life and Death and later the realization of their true selves and ultimately Oneness.

This knowledge and these people have existed since time began and are known to have lived in China, Persia, Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman empire, Tibet, and India. More recently in the Islamic tradition and in the western world.

To answer the question what has brought me to study Alchemy. I have got into it simply because I was so absolutely sick of mindlessly suffering. All the therapies I looked into for help had one or other little thing that was helpful but they all had glass ceilings, in other words, they made a small sometimes temporary difference which ultimately left me in the same sukky condition. The only thing I found which has helped me is Alchemy. It has helped me take down and wash away all the destructive/painful aspects of myself, without having to keep re-experiencing them or even having to specifically know about them. It has saved me from myself and given me a new life. Now I am determined to show what I have found out to anyone who wants to know.

Why do Alchemy? Is there a choice? Do it or face the fact that whatever you have is as good as it will ever get.
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