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The Second Birth : Reloaded

So the central philosophy behind all occultism is to awaken spiritually and there are generally thought to be the way of the light and the way of the dark. So if one successfully navigated those paths one would end up becoming an Angel or a demon respectively.

Central to the dark’s conception is the idea that we as people on this planet are profoundly weak and stupid and it is only through developing the mind, intellect and faculties such as astral perception that one can become empowered and rise up to take ones rightful place as an awakened creature (see the movie series Underworld).

Central to the light’s conception is that we are already Gods except that a whole host of attachments have blocked off our divinity and left us completely without wisdom or force, so to regain our Godliness we must dissolve those attachments.

Neither side is harder or easier than the other - it all depends on how much one puts into it as to what kind of progress occurs. Of course, the quality of the teachings one uses and the help one gets from those already developed makes the hugest difference. ( There are a profusion of pretend adepts and teachings which will lead one nowhere in either direction).

So if we are going to the light ( and not the other light which those adepts call the light - because there are two wavebands of light - Infrared *red* and Ultraviolet *blue*) then we must dissolve all of our attachments ( the false self) and remember that we are actually Angels. To do this we actually have to choose the light consciously or we cannot enter into the mysteries - i.e. the process of transformation and return to Godhood.

Because of the two lights confusion, most of the dark side think that they are going to the light but they cannot traverse the heavens the way the light Masters can traverse the hells - so going to the Ultraviolet light means Mastery over both wavebands of energy and not just one. This is most important.

There are a whole lot of doctrines and texts explaining the why’s and wherefores of all of this and I am not going to discuss any of it here.

Let us then work with the ideas central to the real light then.

So one has gone off and found a school to study in ( which is a good idea since it is easier to work in a school than on one’s own - because of group discipline and gaining better perspective by sharing experiences).

In the beginning one has to trust the teachings one has been given and the instruction one is given but later hopefully trust will develop as one experiences the transformation the teachings describe.

So central to one’s continuing progress is trust and faith. The greater one has these the more one can surrender to ones Divine Being ( the real self) and also most importantly - the process of transformation - * The Path* . If ones mind does not want to surrender control to the higher real mind of the Divine Being then there is no process of transformation and hence no progress.

It is most important to realize that at this point there are two minds - a higher one made of consciousness and a lower one made of limitations. The lower one must die for one to become spiritually awakened.

I spent many many years trying to do this work of transformation in many groups all over the place because my mind was too strong and would not surrender.

So first it is necessary to at least get to the comprehension that one’s ordinary intellect no matter how high ones IQ cannot compete with the brilliance of the divine intellect and so must reconcile itself to the fact that it must die in order for the divine one to be born into the physical body ( the second birth - i.e. to be born again). This happens gradually in progressive steps over many years.

One must actually cease to value and identify with ones intellect and mind and start to feel a connection with ones higher one. In order to bring this about, two sets of techniques are needed. One set to contact and commune with ones internal Godhead and one set to bring about the death of the attachments and by so doing moving closer to the Godhead.

I had enormous trouble with this because people around kept valuing my intellect and supporting the strength of my mind and so I had to exit the computer industry and now I work as a groundsman at a golf course.

This brings us to the next part.

So what is it about the attachments which make them so good at destroying our wisdom and depleting our force.

Well the life force from our Godhead enters our bodies at the coccyx's and moves up the spine into our bodies, minds and personalities. It is at this point that the attachments which are attached to our bodies divert and drain this force causing rapid aging of our bodies, all illnesses/disease and all psychological issues.

The process of spiritual awakening then is really about cleaning, purifying and healing all of these attachments and ridding our physical bodies and minds from them.

This process moves up the spine one vertebrae at a time and is called the “Path of Self Realization” and that is how to properly awaken spiritually.

All that is left to discuss is which techniques are the best for contacting ones Godhead and which are best for dissolving attachments - because one wants this process to happen expeditiously and not take 50 years.

The kinds or types of techniques matter because some are more effective than others and sometimes one has to change technique in order to renew ones work and reaffirm ones commitment to the path. There are hundreds of them across many religions and modalities. I will be discussing them individually at my website http://web.me.com/holygrailseeker/spirittech/Welcome_to_your_future_self.html
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