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Holy Grail Seeker?

I have been using the nickname : holygrailseeker for quite some time on various blogs and as my Skype name. Recently I have been accused of being a "pretentious git".

So I have decided to explain why it is that I have been using that nickname and why I will continue to do so for as long as I feel the need regardless of others perceptions/attitudes.

It is very simple - to seek the Holy Grail describes a situation where one engages in the process of the realization of the true self. In other words to be on the Path to Mastery or the Way or the Tao. It is the Western name for this process.

A Grail Knight/Alchemist describes then one who works on this project and the Philosophers Stone is of course the pinnacle/conclusion of ones work.

The stone from which the Sword is pulled refers to the 33 vertebrae of the spine. The Sword itself refers to the Kundalini. In other words when one "pulls the Sword from the Stone" one has in fact raised the Kundalini.

Although there are many people who refer to themselves as Grail Knights/Alchemists without ever comprehending the simple truth of what they are really referring to, at least they are showing an intention to find out what it is all about eventually.

I will say it was my intention to find that path and to get on it and I say it is my intention to follow it as far as this life will allow.

So there you are - to my critics I say stick this up your jumper.
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