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How it all started

Hello M.

I had a little paragraph in my previous email about my central interest in life, so I have decided to write it out properly and not leave it in semi- articulated way. It may be of interest to you but primarily I am writing this to understand myself better.

In 1984, I read a book called the Corpus Hermeticum supposedly written by Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the 3 X Great - he was supposed to have done the self realization process at least 3 times) ( also known as Thoth - the Egyptian god ) (He is also know as/associated with Appolonius of Tyana). This document was the one that caused the Renaissance in medieval Europe. Anyway, I had a profound mystical experience with this document myself and this is where it all began for me - up in the tower of Howard College when the library (UND )was still there.

Fast forward to the CCSU ( Contemporary Cultural Studies Unit) some years and many books/experiences later.

Central to Keyan's ( the department professor) idea of the CCSU was to work to understand what the next biggest thing was going to be - in his mind the "New World Order". He may not realize how close he got to that -with the help of Eric Louw (senior lecturer) that is.

So Eric taught us about the Frankfurt school of Neo-Marxism, Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno. The finer points of Dialectical Materialism and how the monopoly capitalists had commissioned / hijacked/ co-opted this body of work, to first understand and then increase their level of control over global society. Then their plan was to take this to the next level - the so called new world order (which is very close now to being publicly announced).

Also taught that year was a course on Walter Benjamin. An investigation of his work revealed that he had used the methodology (explained clearly in the first chapter of his book/doctoral thesis called "The origin of the German Tragic Drama") of something called the Kabbalah to analyze the Baroque art/music movement in Europe. Of course he then applied this method to contemporary culture as well, including surrealism . When I investigated what the Kabbalah was I discovered that what he had done was also done by Karl Marx and subsequently the Neo-Marxism of Horkheimer and Adorno as well - to analyze political and economic factors. They had taken the mystical methodolgy of part of their religion and applied it to other contexts. Keyan was very resistant to this idea at the time. The year following my departure he got somebody to do her mini-thesis on this in order to refute this idea.

I will tell you now that I was right and I have enough material to write several doctorates on this to prove my point. I have moved on now and have no interest/energy to ever put this into a degree topic .

The central idea to what I discovered is very simply and powerfully one idea ( and clearly the very reason why Keyan was intensely resistant to it) - that "spiritually awakened" people rule the un-awakened/asleep ones and that the "evil" awakened ones plans are oppressing the world.

I could develop this idea better by simply saying that there is more than just the physical reality we live in and and that there is a psychological and esoteric reality as well. Obviously then those with dark intentions are using their knowledge of the psychological and esoteric realities to keep asleep/enslave everyone else and to control the physical reality as much as possible. A good book to read, which is free to download, to see how this works is "The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz" by Satyr .

The only way then to struggle against oppression is to spiritually awaken, so that one is active in all dimensions of realty and thus properly empowered. To work politically is to only work in the physical one and is thus doomed to failure/co-option.

All societies/ancient cultures have spiritual traditions teaching the light and dark ways of spiritually awakening and these days vast numbers of books/people purport to know how/be able to teach these techniques.

About 6 years ago I came across a man who I could see in reality knew the real stuff and I have been hanging out in his group ever since. My comprehension of how all this works is light years ahead of where I was 10 years ago or even 2 years ago, thanks to his influence.

So this is how I got started with all of this back then.

All the best
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