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Dear "Friend"

Poor, yes I can wear that. Foolish , clearly. Deluded, ahh - that must be because you think I am wrong. Tirade - What are you talking about???

I have just spent a great deal of time over the last month distilling the absolute best information I currently have access to to try to help you to fix your group situation entirely for your benefit not mine. Had I not taken you seriously I would never have bothered at all. Why would I have gone to all this trouble if I did not care what happened to you?

I have contacted Kate about what I wrote about her in relation to the rising on the planes exercise. She has stated unequivocally that I am entirely wrong and that everything I wrote concerning her is wholly inaccurate. What I wrote was never her opinion and I never said it was. It was entirely my assessment of that situation for which I take full responsibility. If you want to take Kate's repudiation of my assessment as your vindication, fine - however does that also mean that rising on the planes does not invoke people issues with catastrophic consequences even years later, causing them to turn their backs on all forms of spiritual inquiry indefinitely? Possibly I should never have included Kate's name in that but I really wanted to get my point across and I could not see a better way. My sincerest apologies to Kate - I meant no offense to her at all.

I greatly look forward to your detailed answer. You might want to include your responses to the following issues as well:

Why you have not developed your group with the specific intention of introducing people to the elemental forces of nature and helping them set up direct one to one relationships with them so they can bring about alchemical transformation within themselves.

How/Why my assessment of the absolute objective of occultism/esoteric work as being the reunification with and embodiment of one's divine essence is wrong.

How/Why the membership of the temples of the white lodge in the internal worlds should not be vigorously pursued as an imperative.

Why you are so attached to the stuff by Kraig and Ashcroft-Nowicki instead of working to the highest level with the material of Franz Bardon who is clearly in another league?

How, in the light of what I have written you could honestly say there is such a thing as gray magick?

How/Why you can claim to be on the right path when you are absolutely set against reassessing/re investigating your spiritual direction?

Did you even look at the 2 attachments I sent you? (One of them is the exceedingly great ritual of the exorcisms of the elementals - now that is what I call rising on the planes because it actually does work for clearing the bad stuff away and not merely invoking the stuff.)

Why you take my hard fought insights to be a personal attack against you when you asked me for them yourself???

Are you going to use your anger with me to find out once and for all where you really stand without using tired old concepts you read somewhere???

So show me where I have gone wrong !!!!!!!!!
Where are my factual errors???

Spirituality is a living thing. Show me your living insights by de-constructing my ideas and showing me where I have gone wrong. If you are right and I am wrong here is your opportunity to teach me!!

I see from your anger that this must be a painful process for you. Relinquishing ones attachments mostly is a painful process but surely you have the courage to proceed.

All the best to you.

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