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Letter to a "Friend"

What follows here is a letter I sent a few months ago to former friend who is trying to run an esoteric group but whoever rolls up to join never comes back. I was trying to explain a few truths to him and at the time some of my information was a bit faulty. Of course he was less than happy with my letter.

Hello "friend" (I am withholding his real name)

I have taken great pains to make sure that this is as factually correct as possible. It would have been simply impossible for me to be able to put all of this together even a few months ago because I was not properly understanding so many of these important details.

So the question is, if after 40 years or so of research and study of the Hermetic tradition of spirituality, where does one find further sources of esoteric inspiration?
The answer to that it directly linked to the reason why everyone has been leaving your group.

To begin with , any discussion of esoteric/occult subjects is severely limited by two factors:
One is that the really good information exists behind the "veil of the oath". When one reaches a certain level of understanding/embodiment of the teachings, one is offered the opportunity to go further but only if one takes an oath of secrecy. This is for two reasons - one to protect the paths of the practitioners from outside interference and the other because all the real spiritual work is carried out within the temples of the internal worlds and this cannot even really be written in human language.

The second factor is that occult/esoteric subjects cannot be comprehended by the human intellect because they originate from divine consciousness .

In spite of these major limitations. I will nevertheless still endeavor to get my point across.

Firstly I will investigate some of the history surrounding the Rosicrucian movement of the modern era.

It all stems from a man called Karl Kellner who can be seen to be responsible for initiating the current wave of teachings and groups in the 1890's.

These groups worked almost secretly where the master and student related on a one on one basis. The student received a charter in order to begin any work with the master. This charter is a contract and contains many things including rules of behavior, ethics of the work and deadlines for progress, ect. Only the Societas Ordo Templi Orientis , based in Australia still works this way.

Many masters rapidly emerged from this initial phase. There was Theodore Reuss, Karl Germer, Max Heindel, Reuben Clymer, Arnold Krumm, Heinrich Traenker, Rudolf Steiner, to name a very few. These men were completely distinct in tradition from George Gurdjieff, Eliphas Levi or the Golden Dawn.

They regarded the term Rosicrucian to refer to esoteric Christianity specifically. This Christian flavor can clearly be seen in the writings of Max Heindel . These men were then sent forth to set up their own schools all over the world. Only the Ordi Templi Orientus of Karl Germer and Alastaire Crowley has collapsed and is now known as OTO INC. or the Caliphate OTO . All the other schools remain and can be freely joined.

Today most people would view the OTO in. or Caliphate OTO as the inheritor of all of this, but in fact when the US court took away the title of OTO from Karl Germer , they actually extinguished it. The truth is that Bill Breeze the new "leader" never had access to Karl Germers teachings nor those of the real OTO in Germany. They only had access to those "rewritten" by Alastaire Crowley. These Crowley texts are now freely available for download or purchase virtually anywhere. The real genuine and original OTO teachings are not accessible to the public even in the form of the writings of Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner and Reuben Clymer.

The original German Rosicrucian tradition has remained underground ever since and has never repeated the experiment of Karl Kellner to bring their tradition into the open again.

The Rosicrucian historian Peter-Robert Koenig has stated that there is no evidence that Spencer-Lewis and AMORC ever received a charter from Karl Kellner, Theodore Reuss or Karl Germer and as a result I believe there is no resemblance whatsoever between AMORC's teachings and the original Rosicrucian order's teachings of the 1890's.

In this section I will look at why I believe the people don't remain in your group.

The main thrust of your group as far as I remember is to learn how to set up a majick circle of protection ritual and then placing inside that event a rising on the planes ritual/exercise. The rising on the planes practice then takes one Sephiroth of the Kabbala tree of life per week until one gets to the top of the tree or the 10th Sephiroth.

THe purpose of doing this rising on the planes practice, as far as I remember was to clear out/dissolve the personal issues or psychological dross/impurities from the areas of the human psyche related to each Sephiroth. When one reads Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki's books, this looks very impressive and logical. I have to put it to you that this clearing or dissolution did not happen for me and "another friend" when we were in your group. Instead these issues and impurities were invoked. This proved catastrophic for "another friend" in her life. Since she left your group (almost immediately upon ending the 10th Sephiroth of the first rising on the planes series she experienced) she has not been able to shake the several major issues she started to experience and she has renounced all spiritual inquiry. It does not seem that "another friend" has realized what has happened to her and since she has lost all respect for spirituality, she does not have the ability to transcend her situation. This was one of the two reasons I left your group .

I have not been able to raise this issue with you before for fear that you would view this as a personal attack - which it is not at all. It is the time now I believe for you to reassess your spiritual line of inquiry and the direction of your future work, especially what you do in your group.

Now I will explain why you seeking further inspiration and the reason I believe why the people leave your group are linked and are really one complete issue.

I believe the quest for spiritual knowledge should result in ontological anarchy. That is to say that control over oneself is removed from one's intellect and replaced/substituted by one's divine essence and consciousness. I know that you think that ethics are the difference between the left hand/dark path and the right hand/light path. I will tell you that you could not be more mistaken. One is incapable of knowing right from wrong without consciousness which can only come from one's divine essence and from no other place inside or outside of oneself.

The light path is solely concerned with the humbling of one's intellect before one's own divine self/God and the exchanging it for consciousness ( by means of the alchemical process of the balancing of the elemental forces of nature within oneself) . The dark path is solely concerned with the empowerment of the intellect , the silencing of the voice of one's divine self/God and the worshiping of the intellect as one's God. This is the absolute Crux of the matter.

That is why Ouspensky fell out with George Gurdjieff. He would not let go of his intellect and surrender to his being. His intellect was determined to control his spiritual path and at that point he could proceed no further. He could not pass through the veil of the oath, neither could he enter the temples of the internal worlds. He had completely blocked himself off and was incapable of realizing his mistake because his intellect had silenced the voice of his divine essence and so his fate was sealed.

My analogy for this is like this. I regard the intellect as the voice which comes to a fish and convinces it that it does live not in the water and that it must take a bath to clean itself. The intellect itself created the illusion of separation from divinity and the elemental forces of nature. Having to join a group to find out how to reunite with the elementals and divinity is like the fish having to learn to take a bath.

Over the last year I have had the most profound experiences one after another as I have sought to push the boundaries of my spiritual reality like never before. These realizations are not contained in any book , taught by any man or belong to any group. For me to make the break and be offered the entry to the temples of the internal worlds, I must relinquish intellectual control over my life and let the consciousness replace it .That is why I was always talking about the heart and the Blue Pearl. I never left your group simply to go to someone else's group. I left the path of the intellect to take the path to the divine essence.

When I have said that you have taught me very great lessons and that I am intensely grateful to you, you have regarded me with suspicion.

The absolute truth is that you have taught me the greatest esoteric lesson there is and I am absolutely grateful to you . Of course it may not have been the lessons you intended to teach me and my behavior must have been puzzling to you but I can't help that.

I suggest that you track down the real teachings of the Rosicrucian's with the greatest of urgency and find your way through to the veil of the oath and gain your ticket to the temples of the internal worlds as soon as physically possible.

I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Thank you again for everything.

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