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Gift from "Them"

I have not posted on livejournal for quite a long time. I have moved along very considerably since I have last posted online.

Anyway, here is my new post.


Please do not continue reading this if you are:

A Pentacostal (i.e. born again) Christian.

Only interested in “the exemption” as a get rich quick scheme.

Anyone who suffers from the paralysis of scepticism.

Anyone who believes that is “us” against “them“ and that “they” are out to get “us” so “we” should get “them” first.

Anyone who believes that “the exemption” must necessarily/only be accessed by paperwork

You will only be upset and you will never be able to use the path to be able to access the exemption outlined below.

In Memorium : Terry O'Cain

Many years ago an “alternative law group” came into being. It met sporadically at peoples houses and only had a few members.

At the time the most popular area of research was common law .

However this was not Terry O'Cain's main area of interest.

What follows here is a hypothetical expose of what Terry might have been researching and how he might have been the first to coin the term “exemption”.This term refers to those who no longer hold a Tax file number but have an Exemption Information Number and are exempt from the financial and legal systems.

According to some people who knew him, Terry studied extensively at “the masonic library” what ever that might be.

Follow this link to see what he might have been reading:


Somewhere in amongst all his reading ( unless it was part of his training and as a requirement in order to obtain a higher degree within the ranks of a particular organisation), Terry came across the concept of some people being exempt from the finance system and the legal system.

In order to organise his thoughts better as one does, he decided to write a book about the exemption. Within a few days of finishing the second chapter of his book, unfortunately Terry died of “natural causes”.
I have looked at the fragments which remained from his research and my personal conclusion is that he did in fact know what the exemption was, in fact he was tracing it from the time of the druids. See : Freemasonry and the Druids by W Winwood Reade. Or perhaps : The Veil of Isis, or mysteries of the Druids by W Winwood Reade

Terry's work was at a very high level and without doubt he had access to some very interesting reading material or he was an insider in some mysterious group .

What follows here is my investigation of what group he may, hypothetically have belonged to.

Firstly it is necessary to go to look at the groups websites where you will see why I believe they are important. Secondly I will make some comments about these groups.

For copy-write purposes I cannot reproduce the content of these websites here so if you do not have the internet it is to bad for you.


If you will look at the third degree from the bottom of the list called Practici you will hopefully notice something very interesting.

As to what Terry may have been up to with this - look at this web page:


Notice the reference to lodge number 41, in the Province of Western Australia.

Now, we cannot conflate these two groups who have the same acronym but are actually two separate groups who are in fact not fraternally related. Once upon a time at the turn of the 19th century, they were one and the same but no longer. They do not mention one another on their lists of fraternally related organisations. This is an important point.

Who are these groups? Well you can consult Wikipedia where there is a satisfactory explanation. Type SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA into your search engine and look for the Wikipedia entries.

Why should we be interested in them ? Because they provide training in how to access the exemption – a way in to becoming one of the dreaded “them”.

It is a question of the “them” allowing “us” to join “them”.

The SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA IN AMERICA. does not require one to already be a master mason (i.e. a third degree blue lodge free mason, affiliated with the Grand Lodge of England) before applying for membership.

Secondly one does not have to carry out a seven week training program in order to be allowed to apply to join.

Thirdly, personally I suspect that the SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA IN AMERICA.
has actually retained its wisdom since the days of William Wynn Westcott and is therefore capable of offering what they claim to offer.

So if you really want to:

Send mail to sria2000@aol.com to apply for membership. Be nice – remember honour frees us all.

So in closing, I personally believe that Terry also believed that the exemption could only be accessed through a psychological and spiritual process which may in fact take many years.

Post Script

In case you may ask – NO I do not belong to any SRIA, never have and most likely never will.

And NO I do not have an application pending with them. I have made alternative arrangements for myself.
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