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Resistance to the Development of Spirituality.

This is an easy one.

It is called Intellectual Pride! It will not bow to the wishes of ones divine inspiration and yearning and then persuaded one to cease all practices.

Essentially there are two major forces internally to every person : a small mind and a great one.

The small mind we sometimes call intellect is composed of out limitations and defects which we usually think of as being who we are ( us as an individual). This is the force ( impostor) preventing us from reuniting with the divine part of ourselves.

The great mind is us as a Divine being. This is our true self and not the impostor who claims it is.

Anyone who thinks that by moving the small mind slightly out of the way, so that we can commune with the great one is the purpose of spiritual activity, are seriously deluding themselves.

For the For The Reunion with our Divine the Small Mind has to DIE Altogether. There is no other way.

The Pride of one's Intellect fights for its life and thus makes spiritual progress absolutely impossible for almost everyone. That is why the true techniques are extremely hard to find - especially in so called occult/esoteric circles.

Will power to work with the great one, tenacity, courage and strength - are all critical elements for success.
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