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Elements and Pearls

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day on the topic of what other ways apart for the fire could be utilised for spiritual advancement apart from the Fire. He contends that there are none, however there are some interesting other techniques which give powerful results for specific purposes.

There are: The Blue Pearl, The Red Pearl, The Four Elementals.

The Blue Pearl is where the divine first comes into our bodies and is located in the gland just under the bridge which joins the two hemispheres of our brains inside our heads.

The Red Pearl is our hearts where the divine joins to make our hearts beat and our breath to move and so keep make us alive.

To work with these pearls is very easy.
The Blue pearl is the light we see if we look up with our eyes and imagination/concentration into our foreheads.
The Red pearl is what we feel when we put the palm of one hand over our solar plexus and imagine a connection with our divine being.
These both require concentration and mental silence in order to work.

A deep and continuing connection with ones Divine Being ( Ie. God) is the objective with these two techniques.

The Four Elementals are the beings who control in our internal worlds the forces of Fire , Air ,Water and Earth. The great alchemical principles.
Each of these forces are controlled by astral beings ( elementals ) who even have individual names. For each element these are different beings. Thus there are Slyphs, Undines, Gnomes and Salamanders. To explain how to work with these would take too long so I would refer the reader to the work of Franz Bardon (there are 5 books of his that can be downloaded) and the work of the great Gnostic teacher Samael Aun Weor (http://www.gnosis.org).

As to whether or not these techniques can surpass the techniques of the fire - that is up to the reader to decide after extensive experience with all of them.

All the best in experimenting with these .
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