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Sacred Fire-Starter

I have always been a pyromaniac. When I was four years old, at a party , my parents gave me two boxes of matches to play with . I built a structure in the middle of the floor on the carpet and whoosh the whole lot went up and there was a nice black hole in the carpet. From then on I was fascinated with anything that could burn. Fireworks, were my next plaything. I would build campfires in the garden and set fires in bush lands. I held re-enactments of the Greek vs. Persian battles complete with flaming arcs of fire arrows. I was notorious and only really out grew all of that in my twenties. Still , sights of large firework displays set my heart racing and make me breathe faster.

It was inevitable. I looked for ways to top the experiences I had in my childhood and youth. So I joined the Fire Cult, the ancient Indo-European religion and dedicated myself to discovering everything I could about that smouldering divine spark within me.

Now if anyone wants to look at this a bit closer, the best place is at http://www.archangelpublishing.com. A book variously titled , The True History of Christianity/The True History of Witches and Wizards/ The Forbidden History of Europe by "John Smith" can be downloaded for free from the titles section.

Anyway, back to my story. Having spent many , many years finding the truth behind the ideas of the Holy Grail/Philosophers Stone, the only safe/reliable method (although slow) of spiritual advancement is through the use of Divine Fire. This is also called the Divine Feminine or the Kundalini. The best book to read on this topic is "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor, freely downloadable from http://www.gnosis.org

So how does this work? Well firstly one has to work on getting mental silence (all spiritual endeavours depend on this) and then what is called one pointedness of mind (laser like concentration). There are many techniques from all the traditions for those so I won't cover it here (post a comment if you need them). Also one will need to practice a breathing technique called Ham Sa, in which the in breath is called Ham and one imagines energy going up ones spine to be stored in the crown of ones head and the out breath is a sibilant hiss, Sa, so as to hold the energy up there. This energy is what the divine mother/holy spirit uses as ammunition to create the fire to specifically dissolve ones internal limitations. If one does this thechnique until the top of ones head tingles, it is usually sufficient.

Then one will need a prayer or invocation to the Holy Spirit/Divine Feminine/Mother/Kundalini. Usually this involves the name of one of the classical female gods such as Isis, Hecate, Mary and many others.

Pentacostal (born again) Christians use this method too (except for the breathing). What they do is pray to the holy spirit to have their problems solved. Well , one could do that but I believe that is only the very beginning and there is a whole world more. The whole idea is to using concentration with one's minds eye focus on one of the many limitations or defects each of us has in our psychology and then to ask for the burning of that with the divine fire (Read the Perfect Matrimony or one of the others for more details).

There is a very great deal more on this subject but that is for each person to discover for themselves. The references and explanation here are just the beginning. The whole objective is that once all limitations are removed, one is able to reunite with ones divine essence and by so doing, be born again (ie. to become an Aryan - one who is twice born). The Pentacostal Christians method is not wrong as such but wholely inadequate because it is not proactive in hunting down and dissolving these entities. One really has to observe one's self and be exceedingly vigilant and not allow these issues to take over and run one's life.

All the best to those who try this. You will see it work and then know it for the truth.
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