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Date:2011-03-20 10:04
Subject:What is Alchemy

The scary truth about Alchemy is that ultimately it is just about energy work. However it is not just any energy we are talking about here, we are talking about intelligent, conscious, life giving/creating energy. The kind of energy most people refer to as "God". It comes to us internally and externally in millions of forms, which are constantly in motion changing and transforming. This energy is what physicists and chemists are specifically not interested in because it can't be controlled in the way they want in order to be captured, controlled, packaged and commoditized. " God" is not on tap and mere humans regardless of the quantity of their arrogance will never be allowed to harness this potential unless they work to change their inner nature and BECOME ONE with "God" ( i.e. become trustworthy). In the east this is called Nirvana or achieving Samahdi. In the West this is called self-realization or Mastery.

An Alchemist is someone who having learned the cosmology of Creation and the structure of their spirituality, embarks upon a project to awaken, harness, purify, refine and distill their internal energies and resources. In the process completely transforming themselves physically, psychologically and spiritually. Thus achieving their spiritual awakening to the knowledge of the Mysteries of Life and Death and later the realization of their true selves and ultimately Oneness.

This knowledge and these people have existed since time began and are known to have lived in China, Persia, Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman empire, Tibet, and India. More recently in the Islamic tradition and in the western world.

To answer the question what has brought me to study Alchemy. I have got into it simply because I was so absolutely sick of mindlessly suffering. All the therapies I looked into for help had one or other little thing that was helpful but they all had glass ceilings, in other words, they made a small sometimes temporary difference which ultimately left me in the same sukky condition. The only thing I found which has helped me is Alchemy. It has helped me take down and wash away all the destructive/painful aspects of myself, without having to keep re-experiencing them or even having to specifically know about them. It has saved me from myself and given me a new life. Now I am determined to show what I have found out to anyone who wants to know.

Why do Alchemy? Is there a choice? Do it or face the fact that whatever you have is as good as it will ever get.

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Date:2011-01-14 17:27
Subject:I have not posted anything on Live journal for the longest time.

SO just to have posted something after not have posted anything for absolutely ages I am writing this message.

Of course I have much better things to say. I am researching many interesting things and having wonderful experiences.

That all takes time to write. Time I don't currently have. So this is just a short message to say, Live journal, I have not forgotten about you and in a while I will be back to start writing a lot more.

Thank you for the good times and I look forward to the future.

All the best.

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Date:2010-08-21 08:57
Subject:An email I wrote to someone recently.

Hello J.

I am quite happy to review this website for you.

This world now has a wast amount of information regarding spiritual matters. When last I checked, there were something like 32 million links to the word Gnosis and 6 million to the word Alchemy. It is simply virtually impossible for the average person to find a reputable source of information provided by trustworthy people.

By trustworthy I do not mean people who are sincerely trying to help but I mean people who actually know what they are talking about and who have the skill to provide accurate helpful information that works in an entirely reproducible manner with completely predictable results. Also it is important that these people actually work for the ultraviolet spectrum of light ( the good guys) as opposed to the infrared spectrum ( the dark side) - so asking someone if they work in the light does not help because the dark side is also a light. Importantly the dark side is only the infrared spectrum while the light side is both spectrums.

So there is this vast amount of information out there dominated by the materialist philosophy and science which has "determined" due to lack of evidence to the contrary that there is no God and there is no such things a psychic powers, ufo's etc.. Truly we are in an interesting age where the flat earth society of materialism must soon collapse and give way to a society with a much fuller understanding of creation.

Unfortunately the "alternative" viewpoint  is based on conspiracy theories and secret societies and bloodlines and so on. This current then generates huge amounts of fear, anger and skepticism which stymies the average persons attempts to get to the truth of the matter.

For me to be truly helpful to you I must make these suggestions:

It will be almost impossible to find what you are looking for in life while you are using the weak and severely limited resources of the mind and the personality. The quickest and best way to pinpoint the resources you need to help you on your path is to work directly with your own personal internal Divinity - your Divine Being.

To achieve this I can offer you 2 techniques. The ancient mantra of "OM" which when directed into the heart will produce contact, communication and communion with your Divine Being. 

Secondly, the technique of the Blue Pearl which comes to us from Siddha Yoga and Zen Buddhism. 

"In Siddha Yoga, and other mind Yogas, we are taught that, while in meditation we should be aware of the 'blue pearl.' The blue pearl appears like a tiny little spot of blue that darts back and forth in the mind's eye. (Some people see it as a little dark speck.) The Realized Beings teach that this tiny speck contains all the knowledge of the universe. That knowledge can be ours simply by blending with it. It is not as easy as it sounds, however. First one has to get it to stop darting and stand still. That could take many meditations! Once it has stopped we then have to allow ourselves to become one with it. If we accomplish that, we become one with the universal consciousness. We have, in fact, become realized!
The power gained by realization, however, should not be used, according to far Eastern beliefs, except to experiment with. It can also be used to help others to attain the same state. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with using such powers to heal people. Christ did."

"Within the darkness of the soul, imprisoned within the form, a
point of light is seen. Then there arises, all around that point, a
field of deepest blue and this becomes irradiated by the soul,
the inner sun, shining within a brilliant field of blue. The points of
light become the many lines or rays of light; these lines then
merge and blend until the lighted Way appears. One is the light,
the light upon the Way. One is the Way and always walks
- Alice Bailey, Discipleship in the New Age, Vol. I, p. 462"

Close your eyes, look up and see between your eyes in the centre of your head a swirling mass of dark blue with an outer edge of black or gold. Keep focussing on it until it becomes a point of white light. It may take some months. Keep developing that until it looks like the sun. When you have achieved that you will be walking with your Being and if you listen with your heart you will receive all the necessary information you need to do everything you need to.

As to the "put name of spiritual website in here" website. Well is their information accurate? - it does not matter. Are they sincere? - probably. Will it be helpful to you or not? I cannot tell and if I knew I would not be allowed to say. 

You must become your own source of knowledge using the power of your own consciousness and it will not matter what anyone says or does because you will always know the truth in any moment. This will allow you to eventually completely disconnect from all the interference patterns, whether they are from society or from your own limitations. 

All the best for you on your journey.

Regards from Tim.

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Date:2009-08-10 20:30
Subject:My Web Site Link

My web site is ready now so I am posting the link.


I am also on meetup.com, so you can get me at this url : http://www.meetup.com/The-Perth-Alchemists-Laboratory/

So if there is anybody out there who is interested in esoteric subjects you can have a look at my web site.

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Date:2009-08-09 21:02
Subject:Towards a Working Definition of Alchemy

Alchemy is distinct from the physical sciences such as Physics and Chemistry.
The physical sciences study only the physical reality of existence. Alchemy studies the physical, psychological and esoteric realities of existence.

So instead of Alchemy being dumbed down or primitive chemistry it is a distinct and separate discipline set up to investigate all aspects of creation especially those which the physical sciences dispute and deny the existence of.

More to the point, when a physicist or chemist states that it is impossible to transform an element from the periodic table of elements into to another one, they are completely correct because in terms of physical reality that is impossible. However, in terms of the esoteric reality it is completely possible because the laws of physics are different there.

So when one is examining an Alchemical text such as for example, Nostradamus’s Elixirs, one will see one ounce of mercury listed in one particular recipe. If one uses one ounce of the physical substance of mercury one will kill whoever imbibes that mixture. What he actually means is one ounce of the spiritual (esoteric) substance of mercury which has nothing whatsoever to do with its physical counterpart.

There are a list of some Alchemical terms which may have physical counterparts but which describe esoteric substances or processes and thus form the encoded knowledge which so many have struggled over the centuries to gain and comprehend.

Alchemy is also in itself an important term. It describes a process of seeking, of transformation and of attainment.

If we are thinking of the term Alchemy we must remember that in addition to there being three realities of existence there are also seven dimensions of nature.

Thus physics and chemistry and the so called hard sciences not only study just the physical reality of existence they also only study substantively only the three dimensions we currently perceive with our untransformed senses.

There are two remaining important issues regarding a working definition of Alchemy.

The one is that Alchemy is not an external process as such. In order for an Alchemist to be able to comprehend the three realities of existence and the seven dimensions of nature, he/she must have a sufficiently transformed psychological perception. Since this transformation is an incremental process, the Alchemist gains access to those realms incrementally. A plethora of techniques (from many ancient and modern traditions and cultures) are available for this purpose. Simple techniques can be used to build consciousness/transformation which then feeds back into access to more powerful and effective techniques, which produce greater transformation/consciousness in turn.

The other one is that there are two sets of elements that an Alchemist works with. The one is listed in the periodic table of the physical elements and the other is the archetype describing the intelligence of creation, that of the elemental forces of Ether, Fire, Air, Water and Earth.

In order for an Alchemist to transform one physical element into another one (for instance lead into gold) he/she must have worked to earn the right to work with the elemental forces of nature, built a stable relationship with them and then achieved the authority to be able to carry out that objective.

Suggested reading.

These two books are really good places to start delving into the mysteries.

The Red Lion
by Maria Szepes
ISBN :0-9652621-7-0

The Emerald Tablet : Alchemy for Personal Transformation
by Dennis William Hauck

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Date:2009-06-07 20:07
Subject:The Second Birth : Reloaded
Mood: contemplative

So the central philosophy behind all occultism is to awaken spiritually and there are generally thought to be the way of the light and the way of the dark. So if one successfully navigated those paths one would end up becoming an Angel or a demon respectively.

Central to the dark’s conception is the idea that we as people on this planet are profoundly weak and stupid and it is only through developing the mind, intellect and faculties such as astral perception that one can become empowered and rise up to take ones rightful place as an awakened creature (see the movie series Underworld).

Central to the light’s conception is that we are already Gods except that a whole host of attachments have blocked off our divinity and left us completely without wisdom or force, so to regain our Godliness we must dissolve those attachments.

Neither side is harder or easier than the other - it all depends on how much one puts into it as to what kind of progress occurs. Of course, the quality of the teachings one uses and the help one gets from those already developed makes the hugest difference. ( There are a profusion of pretend adepts and teachings which will lead one nowhere in either direction).

So if we are going to the light ( and not the other light which those adepts call the light - because there are two wavebands of light - Infrared *red* and Ultraviolet *blue*) then we must dissolve all of our attachments ( the false self) and remember that we are actually Angels. To do this we actually have to choose the light consciously or we cannot enter into the mysteries - i.e. the process of transformation and return to Godhood.

Because of the two lights confusion, most of the dark side think that they are going to the light but they cannot traverse the heavens the way the light Masters can traverse the hells - so going to the Ultraviolet light means Mastery over both wavebands of energy and not just one. This is most important.

There are a whole lot of doctrines and texts explaining the why’s and wherefores of all of this and I am not going to discuss any of it here.

Let us then work with the ideas central to the real light then.

So one has gone off and found a school to study in ( which is a good idea since it is easier to work in a school than on one’s own - because of group discipline and gaining better perspective by sharing experiences).

In the beginning one has to trust the teachings one has been given and the instruction one is given but later hopefully trust will develop as one experiences the transformation the teachings describe.

So central to one’s continuing progress is trust and faith. The greater one has these the more one can surrender to ones Divine Being ( the real self) and also most importantly - the process of transformation - * The Path* . If ones mind does not want to surrender control to the higher real mind of the Divine Being then there is no process of transformation and hence no progress.

It is most important to realize that at this point there are two minds - a higher one made of consciousness and a lower one made of limitations. The lower one must die for one to become spiritually awakened.

I spent many many years trying to do this work of transformation in many groups all over the place because my mind was too strong and would not surrender.

So first it is necessary to at least get to the comprehension that one’s ordinary intellect no matter how high ones IQ cannot compete with the brilliance of the divine intellect and so must reconcile itself to the fact that it must die in order for the divine one to be born into the physical body ( the second birth - i.e. to be born again). This happens gradually in progressive steps over many years.

One must actually cease to value and identify with ones intellect and mind and start to feel a connection with ones higher one. In order to bring this about, two sets of techniques are needed. One set to contact and commune with ones internal Godhead and one set to bring about the death of the attachments and by so doing moving closer to the Godhead.

I had enormous trouble with this because people around kept valuing my intellect and supporting the strength of my mind and so I had to exit the computer industry and now I work as a groundsman at a golf course.

This brings us to the next part.

So what is it about the attachments which make them so good at destroying our wisdom and depleting our force.

Well the life force from our Godhead enters our bodies at the coccyx's and moves up the spine into our bodies, minds and personalities. It is at this point that the attachments which are attached to our bodies divert and drain this force causing rapid aging of our bodies, all illnesses/disease and all psychological issues.

The process of spiritual awakening then is really about cleaning, purifying and healing all of these attachments and ridding our physical bodies and minds from them.

This process moves up the spine one vertebrae at a time and is called the “Path of Self Realization” and that is how to properly awaken spiritually.

All that is left to discuss is which techniques are the best for contacting ones Godhead and which are best for dissolving attachments - because one wants this process to happen expeditiously and not take 50 years.

The kinds or types of techniques matter because some are more effective than others and sometimes one has to change technique in order to renew ones work and reaffirm ones commitment to the path. There are hundreds of them across many religions and modalities. I will be discussing them individually at my website http://web.me.com/holygrailseeker/spirittech/Welcome_to_your_future_self.html

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Date:2009-05-31 20:53
Subject:New Web Site

I have a new web site happening.

As soon as I find the right artwork/pictures for it I will make it go live. Of course I will tell everyone what the URL is when the time comes.

Thank for your support.

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Date:2009-04-19 19:59
Subject:Holy Grail Seeker?

I have been using the nickname : holygrailseeker for quite some time on various blogs and as my Skype name. Recently I have been accused of being a "pretentious git".

So I have decided to explain why it is that I have been using that nickname and why I will continue to do so for as long as I feel the need regardless of others perceptions/attitudes.

It is very simple - to seek the Holy Grail describes a situation where one engages in the process of the realization of the true self. In other words to be on the Path to Mastery or the Way or the Tao. It is the Western name for this process.

A Grail Knight/Alchemist describes then one who works on this project and the Philosophers Stone is of course the pinnacle/conclusion of ones work.

The stone from which the Sword is pulled refers to the 33 vertebrae of the spine. The Sword itself refers to the Kundalini. In other words when one "pulls the Sword from the Stone" one has in fact raised the Kundalini.

Although there are many people who refer to themselves as Grail Knights/Alchemists without ever comprehending the simple truth of what they are really referring to, at least they are showing an intention to find out what it is all about eventually.

I will say it was my intention to find that path and to get on it and I say it is my intention to follow it as far as this life will allow.

So there you are - to my critics I say stick this up your jumper.

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Date:2009-03-21 22:24
Subject:How it all started

Hello M.

I had a little paragraph in my previous email about my central interest in life, so I have decided to write it out properly and not leave it in semi- articulated way. It may be of interest to you but primarily I am writing this to understand myself better.

In 1984, I read a book called the Corpus Hermeticum supposedly written by Hermes Trismegistus (Hermes the 3 X Great - he was supposed to have done the self realization process at least 3 times) ( also known as Thoth - the Egyptian god ) (He is also know as/associated with Appolonius of Tyana). This document was the one that caused the Renaissance in medieval Europe. Anyway, I had a profound mystical experience with this document myself and this is where it all began for me - up in the tower of Howard College when the library (UND )was still there.

Fast forward to the CCSU ( Contemporary Cultural Studies Unit) some years and many books/experiences later.

Central to Keyan's ( the department professor) idea of the CCSU was to work to understand what the next biggest thing was going to be - in his mind the "New World Order". He may not realize how close he got to that -with the help of Eric Louw (senior lecturer) that is.

So Eric taught us about the Frankfurt school of Neo-Marxism, Max Horkheimer and Theodore Adorno. The finer points of Dialectical Materialism and how the monopoly capitalists had commissioned / hijacked/ co-opted this body of work, to first understand and then increase their level of control over global society. Then their plan was to take this to the next level - the so called new world order (which is very close now to being publicly announced).

Also taught that year was a course on Walter Benjamin. An investigation of his work revealed that he had used the methodology (explained clearly in the first chapter of his book/doctoral thesis called "The origin of the German Tragic Drama") of something called the Kabbalah to analyze the Baroque art/music movement in Europe. Of course he then applied this method to contemporary culture as well, including surrealism . When I investigated what the Kabbalah was I discovered that what he had done was also done by Karl Marx and subsequently the Neo-Marxism of Horkheimer and Adorno as well - to analyze political and economic factors. They had taken the mystical methodolgy of part of their religion and applied it to other contexts. Keyan was very resistant to this idea at the time. The year following my departure he got somebody to do her mini-thesis on this in order to refute this idea.

I will tell you now that I was right and I have enough material to write several doctorates on this to prove my point. I have moved on now and have no interest/energy to ever put this into a degree topic .

The central idea to what I discovered is very simply and powerfully one idea ( and clearly the very reason why Keyan was intensely resistant to it) - that "spiritually awakened" people rule the un-awakened/asleep ones and that the "evil" awakened ones plans are oppressing the world.

I could develop this idea better by simply saying that there is more than just the physical reality we live in and and that there is a psychological and esoteric reality as well. Obviously then those with dark intentions are using their knowledge of the psychological and esoteric realities to keep asleep/enslave everyone else and to control the physical reality as much as possible. A good book to read, which is free to download, to see how this works is "The Black Lodge of Santa Cruz" by Satyr .

The only way then to struggle against oppression is to spiritually awaken, so that one is active in all dimensions of realty and thus properly empowered. To work politically is to only work in the physical one and is thus doomed to failure/co-option.

All societies/ancient cultures have spiritual traditions teaching the light and dark ways of spiritually awakening and these days vast numbers of books/people purport to know how/be able to teach these techniques.

About 6 years ago I came across a man who I could see in reality knew the real stuff and I have been hanging out in his group ever since. My comprehension of how all this works is light years ahead of where I was 10 years ago or even 2 years ago, thanks to his influence.

So this is how I got started with all of this back then.

All the best

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Date:2009-03-21 22:20
Mood: contemplative

Hello E

There are some important things I would like to write to you about which may be of help to you.

So here goes.

Ok so the whole thing really about spiritual development/transformation comes down to in essence getting the mind and personality to let go so that they can be replaced by the mind and personality of the being. The whole thing about spiritual schools and "the process" is because of the absurd dance we go through within ourselves (often enmeshing others into the mind-game as well) about overcoming the resistance to death the ordinary/mundane mind/personality feels. In a nutshell - there you have it - the naked truth. Once the clothing of the mind game is removed the whole thing actually looks really silly and also really easy to achieve.

So what can we do?

Well by the time you actually get to the point of realizing this, most of the work is done. The contract so to speak has been drawn up and all that remains is for the signature to be added to the document and then the fate is sealed.

What do I mean? Well the ordinary intellect has to be replaced by consciousness and once one has realized that the ordinary intellect is not real/not genuine/fake then its easy. So how is this best done?

Well, one has to awaken the "heart mind " first - thats why in Gnosis there were all those practices to learn how to contact the being and all the chanting of the mantra's "O" and "OM".
Well I have come to the point of understanding where beliefs belong to the ordinary intellect and knowledge and faith belong to the higher intellect/consciousness/heart mind. So how does one move beyond this point?

There is a practice with the heart where one deliberately invokes the heart with the mantra "OM" and then asks ones true self/being to move those atoms of heart mind/consciousness (with the death of the mundane intellect in mind) upwards to reside in the head. Of course one can do Ham Sa/Prana Yama first to generate some energy first. If one gives this practice equal importance to the dissolution practice then interesting things will happen. This is the first thing I wanted to explain to you.

Then there is the other really really important thing I wanted to tell you - about the embodiment of the techniques.

In the beginning of working on oneself one might do a practice once a week or so. Well Masters don't in actual fact do any practices in that way any more - Why?? They have reached the point where they no longer think about it, it has becomes instinctive and automatic.

If we think about this from a Masonic point of view using the concept of the 3 degrees of the "Blue " Masonry where people who work on themselves are builders.

So the first degree is that of "Apprentice". This is where one learns about the possibility of transformation, decides to give it a try and them learns techniques in one school or another.

The second degree is that of "Entered Apprentice" where one now works with the techniques deliberately and experiences some transformation.

The third degree is that of "Master Mason" where one has now embodied the techniques and where one experiences the ever-present burning of the fire.

Fire in this sense is that of the Microcosmic fire - of the Kundalini, symbolized by the virgin Mary and by Sri Ganesh (the Hindu God) and the Macrocosmic fire - symbolized by the elemental force of fire and the Hindu God of fire Agni. One can work with either/both. In 2007 I investigated the possibility of this by reading a book about "the violet flame" of Saint Germain. In this book the objective/goal of working the the violet flame was to reach a point where one did not need to invoke and direct it it anymore - it was always there and burned all ego from within and all attempts to reach in from outside. Then I applied it to myself and talked to others about it and now I can say I have experienced some of that and know this to be how it is.

Of course Masons stopped teaching the mysteries probably in the 1930's so one cannot join one of their lodges and expect anything other than interesting rituals no one knows the meaning of anymore. Well it's not about rituals actually ( a ritual is just a theatrical device to work with the forces within oneself) it is about actual transformation.

So there it is.

Can you let me know what you think?

Hope something in what I wrote is useful for you.

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Date:2008-05-26 17:16
Subject:Here is another letter to another "Friend"
Mood: contemplative

Dear other "Friend"

I hope you do not mind me contacting you. I know you are disillusioned with Gnosis and I am not writing to you to ask you to reconsider leaving. However I am writing to you to ask you to continue to strive towards the path.

On the 4th of December last year I made a big discovery during the lunch hour on the retreat thanks to "good griend". After 22 years of research and study, the whole project of spiritual development was laid open to me and I comprehended the core of the truth of it.

This discovery concerns the true role of the elemental forces of nature.

All of creation is made up of them. The whole idea of self realization is completely bound up with them. They completely control the whole process especially who gets onto the path.

The central key to this whole project of self realization is _to earn the right to work with the elemental forces of nature_. After passing through the Guardian of the threshold test ( which determines ones understanding that we are not the sum of our ego's and our deliberate intension to work to surpass them) we are confronted the the tests of the elementals - this is the key area. Without passing these tests there is no further progress whatsoever. Everything rests upon this relationship between each person and the elemental forces of nature and most importantly how this relationship develops over time. This is precisely what Eliphas Levi and Franz Bardon were talking about in their works. Any spiritual school one belongs to must work in harmony with these forces or nothing will work. This is precisely what is happening to my friend "1st friens". I came across "1st friend" in 2003 and spent enough time working with him to understand what he is doing and how it all works or not - as the case is.
"1st friend" is an 11th degree AMORC member although his primary interest and practice is in the work of Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki who has an organization called the Servants of Light (S.O.L.). This program is called Pathworking. It looks good but does not work because its fundamental premise is that the intellect must do the spiritual work. At best this is stagnation but this will over time build up into activating the Kundabuffer organ and then the practitioner will define themselves for the Abyss. Anyone who first build the faculties instead of dissolving the ego will almost certainly have the power of that faculty stolen by the ego which it will then use to supercharge itself and activate the Kundabuffer organ and then one will be truly stuffed - next stop the abyss. I know the difference between the left and right hand paths not because of someones writings or because of what someone has said. I know the what , the how and the why because I have been down that path myself and found out the hard way in the school of crash and burn. The two most common faculties people tend to pursue are the intellect and the astral plane. Developing ones faculties is best seen in the Harry Potter movies. The character Harry Potter always resorts to his faculties when in trouble and never asks for help from his Divne Being, the white lodge or any master. The world of Harry Potter is the dark side's ideal.

The intellect is a faculty and as soon as it takes control of one's spiritual development then it goes onto the dark path. It was very sad for me to realize that in Australia that there are already dark masters who have come out of the various Samael based Gnostic associations who were once on the true path. Fortunately there are not currently any in the movement although there could well be soon.

_As soon as one's intellect closes one's being off and takes control of one's spiritual development - the elemental forces shut one out of any relationship to them at all._

This is the bottom line. Humbling one's intellectual self in front of the heart mind of one's being is the absolute pre-requisite for any ambition for being on the path of self realization. A physical experience of one' being is the best way to work with because one knows when its working and when its not. One's intellectual pride and ones mystical pride are one's greatest enemies.

My personal position regarding the elemental forces is as one who has received the invitation to work with them but whose intellect is still too strong to take up their offer. I stand in the open door unable to pass through at this moment although after 22 years at this I shall pass though soon or I will die trying.

Since I have had to begin to prepare beginner talks, I have started to completely reassess my comprehension of everything regarding Gnosis. I have discovered that the process of exchanging intellectual comprehension for conscious comprehension is also governed by the elemental forces. Thus I believe what one knows about the light is what one has been let know.

_There is one other terribly important point regarding the elementals and that is the concept of balance_.

The path of self realization is the path of achieving a state of balance within oneself - balance or harmony between the elemental forces one is made up of. The process of Gnosis is really aimed at achieving this.

Alchemy is the process of working with the elemental forces to achieve the aims of Gnosis. _It is the activity or practice of working with the elemental forces for the purpose of balancing/harmonizing oneself.

_This internal process is the actual direct relationship between one and the elemental forces and this is beyond and group, book or other person. _It is one's personal responsibility alone and no-one whatsoever can interfere or even intercede on ones behalf_. If one hands over one's power to another for the purpose of achieving self realization - disaster can be the only result. The leaders of the movement especially "master friend" have done everything humanly possible to explain this in the best way that they know how. They can only provide a venue for discussing these things and have the hope something good comes out of it. There are many who have been in the group a long time who have not grasped any of this and there are unfortunately also teachers who also have not. This is nobodies fault as such because the conscious comprehension is such an etherial thing it is incredibly difficult to express in words.

I would just like to say that I believe that getting onto the path is still a viable option for you. I have a friend who has never been to the movement and would never consider coming to it but who has been building a direct and powerful relationship with the elemental forces for more than 25 years.

I wish you all the best with whatever you decide to do.

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Date:2008-05-26 17:15
Subject:His Reply
Mood: contemplative

Dear "Friend"

Poor, yes I can wear that. Foolish , clearly. Deluded, ahh - that must be because you think I am wrong. Tirade - What are you talking about???

I have just spent a great deal of time over the last month distilling the absolute best information I currently have access to to try to help you to fix your group situation entirely for your benefit not mine. Had I not taken you seriously I would never have bothered at all. Why would I have gone to all this trouble if I did not care what happened to you?

I have contacted Kate about what I wrote about her in relation to the rising on the planes exercise. She has stated unequivocally that I am entirely wrong and that everything I wrote concerning her is wholly inaccurate. What I wrote was never her opinion and I never said it was. It was entirely my assessment of that situation for which I take full responsibility. If you want to take Kate's repudiation of my assessment as your vindication, fine - however does that also mean that rising on the planes does not invoke people issues with catastrophic consequences even years later, causing them to turn their backs on all forms of spiritual inquiry indefinitely? Possibly I should never have included Kate's name in that but I really wanted to get my point across and I could not see a better way. My sincerest apologies to Kate - I meant no offense to her at all.

I greatly look forward to your detailed answer. You might want to include your responses to the following issues as well:

Why you have not developed your group with the specific intention of introducing people to the elemental forces of nature and helping them set up direct one to one relationships with them so they can bring about alchemical transformation within themselves.

How/Why my assessment of the absolute objective of occultism/esoteric work as being the reunification with and embodiment of one's divine essence is wrong.

How/Why the membership of the temples of the white lodge in the internal worlds should not be vigorously pursued as an imperative.

Why you are so attached to the stuff by Kraig and Ashcroft-Nowicki instead of working to the highest level with the material of Franz Bardon who is clearly in another league?

How, in the light of what I have written you could honestly say there is such a thing as gray magick?

How/Why you can claim to be on the right path when you are absolutely set against reassessing/re investigating your spiritual direction?

Did you even look at the 2 attachments I sent you? (One of them is the exceedingly great ritual of the exorcisms of the elementals - now that is what I call rising on the planes because it actually does work for clearing the bad stuff away and not merely invoking the stuff.)

Why you take my hard fought insights to be a personal attack against you when you asked me for them yourself???

Are you going to use your anger with me to find out once and for all where you really stand without using tired old concepts you read somewhere???

So show me where I have gone wrong !!!!!!!!!
Where are my factual errors???

Spirituality is a living thing. Show me your living insights by de-constructing my ideas and showing me where I have gone wrong. If you are right and I am wrong here is your opportunity to teach me!!

I see from your anger that this must be a painful process for you. Relinquishing ones attachments mostly is a painful process but surely you have the courage to proceed.

All the best to you.


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Date:2008-05-26 17:04
Subject:Letter to a "Friend"
Mood: contemplative

What follows here is a letter I sent a few months ago to former friend who is trying to run an esoteric group but whoever rolls up to join never comes back. I was trying to explain a few truths to him and at the time some of my information was a bit faulty. Of course he was less than happy with my letter.

Hello "friend" (I am withholding his real name)

I have taken great pains to make sure that this is as factually correct as possible. It would have been simply impossible for me to be able to put all of this together even a few months ago because I was not properly understanding so many of these important details.

So the question is, if after 40 years or so of research and study of the Hermetic tradition of spirituality, where does one find further sources of esoteric inspiration?
The answer to that it directly linked to the reason why everyone has been leaving your group.

To begin with , any discussion of esoteric/occult subjects is severely limited by two factors:
One is that the really good information exists behind the "veil of the oath". When one reaches a certain level of understanding/embodiment of the teachings, one is offered the opportunity to go further but only if one takes an oath of secrecy. This is for two reasons - one to protect the paths of the practitioners from outside interference and the other because all the real spiritual work is carried out within the temples of the internal worlds and this cannot even really be written in human language.

The second factor is that occult/esoteric subjects cannot be comprehended by the human intellect because they originate from divine consciousness .

In spite of these major limitations. I will nevertheless still endeavor to get my point across.

Firstly I will investigate some of the history surrounding the Rosicrucian movement of the modern era.

It all stems from a man called Karl Kellner who can be seen to be responsible for initiating the current wave of teachings and groups in the 1890's.

These groups worked almost secretly where the master and student related on a one on one basis. The student received a charter in order to begin any work with the master. This charter is a contract and contains many things including rules of behavior, ethics of the work and deadlines for progress, ect. Only the Societas Ordo Templi Orientis , based in Australia still works this way.

Many masters rapidly emerged from this initial phase. There was Theodore Reuss, Karl Germer, Max Heindel, Reuben Clymer, Arnold Krumm, Heinrich Traenker, Rudolf Steiner, to name a very few. These men were completely distinct in tradition from George Gurdjieff, Eliphas Levi or the Golden Dawn.

They regarded the term Rosicrucian to refer to esoteric Christianity specifically. This Christian flavor can clearly be seen in the writings of Max Heindel . These men were then sent forth to set up their own schools all over the world. Only the Ordi Templi Orientus of Karl Germer and Alastaire Crowley has collapsed and is now known as OTO INC. or the Caliphate OTO . All the other schools remain and can be freely joined.

Today most people would view the OTO in. or Caliphate OTO as the inheritor of all of this, but in fact when the US court took away the title of OTO from Karl Germer , they actually extinguished it. The truth is that Bill Breeze the new "leader" never had access to Karl Germers teachings nor those of the real OTO in Germany. They only had access to those "rewritten" by Alastaire Crowley. These Crowley texts are now freely available for download or purchase virtually anywhere. The real genuine and original OTO teachings are not accessible to the public even in the form of the writings of Max Heindel, Rudolf Steiner and Reuben Clymer.

The original German Rosicrucian tradition has remained underground ever since and has never repeated the experiment of Karl Kellner to bring their tradition into the open again.

The Rosicrucian historian Peter-Robert Koenig has stated that there is no evidence that Spencer-Lewis and AMORC ever received a charter from Karl Kellner, Theodore Reuss or Karl Germer and as a result I believe there is no resemblance whatsoever between AMORC's teachings and the original Rosicrucian order's teachings of the 1890's.

In this section I will look at why I believe the people don't remain in your group.

The main thrust of your group as far as I remember is to learn how to set up a majick circle of protection ritual and then placing inside that event a rising on the planes ritual/exercise. The rising on the planes practice then takes one Sephiroth of the Kabbala tree of life per week until one gets to the top of the tree or the 10th Sephiroth.

THe purpose of doing this rising on the planes practice, as far as I remember was to clear out/dissolve the personal issues or psychological dross/impurities from the areas of the human psyche related to each Sephiroth. When one reads Dolores Ashcroft-Nowicki's books, this looks very impressive and logical. I have to put it to you that this clearing or dissolution did not happen for me and "another friend" when we were in your group. Instead these issues and impurities were invoked. This proved catastrophic for "another friend" in her life. Since she left your group (almost immediately upon ending the 10th Sephiroth of the first rising on the planes series she experienced) she has not been able to shake the several major issues she started to experience and she has renounced all spiritual inquiry. It does not seem that "another friend" has realized what has happened to her and since she has lost all respect for spirituality, she does not have the ability to transcend her situation. This was one of the two reasons I left your group .

I have not been able to raise this issue with you before for fear that you would view this as a personal attack - which it is not at all. It is the time now I believe for you to reassess your spiritual line of inquiry and the direction of your future work, especially what you do in your group.

Now I will explain why you seeking further inspiration and the reason I believe why the people leave your group are linked and are really one complete issue.

I believe the quest for spiritual knowledge should result in ontological anarchy. That is to say that control over oneself is removed from one's intellect and replaced/substituted by one's divine essence and consciousness. I know that you think that ethics are the difference between the left hand/dark path and the right hand/light path. I will tell you that you could not be more mistaken. One is incapable of knowing right from wrong without consciousness which can only come from one's divine essence and from no other place inside or outside of oneself.

The light path is solely concerned with the humbling of one's intellect before one's own divine self/God and the exchanging it for consciousness ( by means of the alchemical process of the balancing of the elemental forces of nature within oneself) . The dark path is solely concerned with the empowerment of the intellect , the silencing of the voice of one's divine self/God and the worshiping of the intellect as one's God. This is the absolute Crux of the matter.

That is why Ouspensky fell out with George Gurdjieff. He would not let go of his intellect and surrender to his being. His intellect was determined to control his spiritual path and at that point he could proceed no further. He could not pass through the veil of the oath, neither could he enter the temples of the internal worlds. He had completely blocked himself off and was incapable of realizing his mistake because his intellect had silenced the voice of his divine essence and so his fate was sealed.

My analogy for this is like this. I regard the intellect as the voice which comes to a fish and convinces it that it does live not in the water and that it must take a bath to clean itself. The intellect itself created the illusion of separation from divinity and the elemental forces of nature. Having to join a group to find out how to reunite with the elementals and divinity is like the fish having to learn to take a bath.

Over the last year I have had the most profound experiences one after another as I have sought to push the boundaries of my spiritual reality like never before. These realizations are not contained in any book , taught by any man or belong to any group. For me to make the break and be offered the entry to the temples of the internal worlds, I must relinquish intellectual control over my life and let the consciousness replace it .That is why I was always talking about the heart and the Blue Pearl. I never left your group simply to go to someone else's group. I left the path of the intellect to take the path to the divine essence.

When I have said that you have taught me very great lessons and that I am intensely grateful to you, you have regarded me with suspicion.

The absolute truth is that you have taught me the greatest esoteric lesson there is and I am absolutely grateful to you . Of course it may not have been the lessons you intended to teach me and my behavior must have been puzzling to you but I can't help that.

I suggest that you track down the real teachings of the Rosicrucian's with the greatest of urgency and find your way through to the veil of the oath and gain your ticket to the temples of the internal worlds as soon as physically possible.

I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.

Thank you again for everything.


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Date:2008-05-26 10:51
Subject:Gift from "Them"
Mood: contemplative

I have not posted on livejournal for quite a long time. I have moved along very considerably since I have last posted online.

Anyway, here is my new post.


Please do not continue reading this if you are:

A Pentacostal (i.e. born again) Christian.

Only interested in “the exemption” as a get rich quick scheme.

Anyone who suffers from the paralysis of scepticism.

Anyone who believes that is “us” against “them“ and that “they” are out to get “us” so “we” should get “them” first.

Anyone who believes that “the exemption” must necessarily/only be accessed by paperwork

You will only be upset and you will never be able to use the path to be able to access the exemption outlined below.

In Memorium : Terry O'Cain

Many years ago an “alternative law group” came into being. It met sporadically at peoples houses and only had a few members.

At the time the most popular area of research was common law .

However this was not Terry O'Cain's main area of interest.

What follows here is a hypothetical expose of what Terry might have been researching and how he might have been the first to coin the term “exemption”.This term refers to those who no longer hold a Tax file number but have an Exemption Information Number and are exempt from the financial and legal systems.

According to some people who knew him, Terry studied extensively at “the masonic library” what ever that might be.

Follow this link to see what he might have been reading:


Somewhere in amongst all his reading ( unless it was part of his training and as a requirement in order to obtain a higher degree within the ranks of a particular organisation), Terry came across the concept of some people being exempt from the finance system and the legal system.

In order to organise his thoughts better as one does, he decided to write a book about the exemption. Within a few days of finishing the second chapter of his book, unfortunately Terry died of “natural causes”.
I have looked at the fragments which remained from his research and my personal conclusion is that he did in fact know what the exemption was, in fact he was tracing it from the time of the druids. See : Freemasonry and the Druids by W Winwood Reade. Or perhaps : The Veil of Isis, or mysteries of the Druids by W Winwood Reade

Terry's work was at a very high level and without doubt he had access to some very interesting reading material or he was an insider in some mysterious group .

What follows here is my investigation of what group he may, hypothetically have belonged to.

Firstly it is necessary to go to look at the groups websites where you will see why I believe they are important. Secondly I will make some comments about these groups.

For copy-write purposes I cannot reproduce the content of these websites here so if you do not have the internet it is to bad for you.


If you will look at the third degree from the bottom of the list called Practici you will hopefully notice something very interesting.

As to what Terry may have been up to with this - look at this web page:


Notice the reference to lodge number 41, in the Province of Western Australia.

Now, we cannot conflate these two groups who have the same acronym but are actually two separate groups who are in fact not fraternally related. Once upon a time at the turn of the 19th century, they were one and the same but no longer. They do not mention one another on their lists of fraternally related organisations. This is an important point.

Who are these groups? Well you can consult Wikipedia where there is a satisfactory explanation. Type SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA into your search engine and look for the Wikipedia entries.

Why should we be interested in them ? Because they provide training in how to access the exemption – a way in to becoming one of the dreaded “them”.

It is a question of the “them” allowing “us” to join “them”.

The SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA IN AMERICA. does not require one to already be a master mason (i.e. a third degree blue lodge free mason, affiliated with the Grand Lodge of England) before applying for membership.

Secondly one does not have to carry out a seven week training program in order to be allowed to apply to join.

Thirdly, personally I suspect that the SOCIETAS ROSICRUCIANA IN AMERICA.
has actually retained its wisdom since the days of William Wynn Westcott and is therefore capable of offering what they claim to offer.

So if you really want to:

Send mail to sria2000@aol.com to apply for membership. Be nice – remember honour frees us all.

So in closing, I personally believe that Terry also believed that the exemption could only be accessed through a psychological and spiritual process which may in fact take many years.

Post Script

In case you may ask – NO I do not belong to any SRIA, never have and most likely never will.

And NO I do not have an application pending with them. I have made alternative arrangements for myself.

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Date:2006-06-24 23:43
Subject:Are these pearls being cast before swine ?
Mood: contemplative

Elements and Pearls

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day on the topic of what other ways apart for the fire could be utilised for spiritual advancement apart from the Fire. He contends that there are none, however there are some interesting other techniques which give powerful results for specific purposes.

There are: The Blue Pearl, The Red Pearl, The Four Elementals.

The Blue Pearl is where the divine first comes into our bodies and is located in the gland just under the bridge which joins the two hemispheres of our brains inside our heads.

The Red Pearl is our hearts where the divine joins to make our hearts beat and our breath to move and so keep make us alive.

To work with these pearls is very easy.
The Blue pearl is the light we see if we look up with our eyes and imagination/concentration into our foreheads. It can be worked with by looking upwards and visualising the blue light.

The Red pearl is what we feel when we put the palm of one hand over our solar plexus and imagine a connection with our divine being.

These both require concentration and mental silence in order to work.

A deep and continuing connection with ones Divine Being ( Ie. God) is the objective with these two techniques.

The Four Elementals are the beings who control in our internal worlds the forces of Fire , Air ,Water and Earth. The great alchemical principles.
Each of these forces are controlled by astral beings ( elementals ) who even have individual names. For each element these are different beings. Thus there are Slyphs, Undines, Gnomes and Salamanders. To explain how to work with these would take too long so I would refer the reader to the work of Franz Bardon's book Initiation into Hermeticism (there are 5 books of his that can be downloaded) and the work of the great Gnostic teacher Samael Aun Weor (http://www.gnosis.org.au/ http://www.gnosis-usa.com).

I would appreciate some feedback on this.

I personally cannot understand the view that working with one's divine being is only a small aspect of esoteric/occult work. I cannot see why anyone could possible think there is another workable way of achieving self mastery/enlightenment once they have had the experience of working with ones divine being.

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Date:2006-06-05 13:12
Subject:Resistance to the Development of Spirituality.
Mood: cheerful

This is an easy one.

It is called Intellectual Pride! It will not bow to the wishes of ones divine inspiration and yearning and then persuaded one to cease all practices.

Essentially there are two major forces internally to every person : a small mind and a great one.

The small mind we sometimes call intellect is composed of out limitations and defects which we usually think of as being who we are ( us as an individual). This is the force ( impostor) preventing us from reuniting with the divine part of ourselves.

The great mind is us as a Divine being. This is our true self and not the impostor who claims it is.

Anyone who thinks that by moving the small mind slightly out of the way, so that we can commune with the great one is the purpose of spiritual activity, are seriously deluding themselves.

For the For The Reunion with our Divine the Small Mind has to DIE Altogether. There is no other way.

The Pride of one's Intellect fights for its life and thus makes spiritual progress absolutely impossible for almost everyone. That is why the true techniques are extremely hard to find - especially in so called occult/esoteric circles.

Will power to work with the great one, tenacity, courage and strength - are all critical elements for success.

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Date:2006-06-05 13:10
Subject:Elements and Pearls
Mood: calm

I was having a discussion with a friend the other day on the topic of what other ways apart for the fire could be utilised for spiritual advancement apart from the Fire. He contends that there are none, however there are some interesting other techniques which give powerful results for specific purposes.

There are: The Blue Pearl, The Red Pearl, The Four Elementals.

The Blue Pearl is where the divine first comes into our bodies and is located in the gland just under the bridge which joins the two hemispheres of our brains inside our heads.

The Red Pearl is our hearts where the divine joins to make our hearts beat and our breath to move and so keep make us alive.

To work with these pearls is very easy.
The Blue pearl is the light we see if we look up with our eyes and imagination/concentration into our foreheads.
The Red pearl is what we feel when we put the palm of one hand over our solar plexus and imagine a connection with our divine being.
These both require concentration and mental silence in order to work.

A deep and continuing connection with ones Divine Being ( Ie. God) is the objective with these two techniques.

The Four Elementals are the beings who control in our internal worlds the forces of Fire , Air ,Water and Earth. The great alchemical principles.
Each of these forces are controlled by astral beings ( elementals ) who even have individual names. For each element these are different beings. Thus there are Slyphs, Undines, Gnomes and Salamanders. To explain how to work with these would take too long so I would refer the reader to the work of Franz Bardon (there are 5 books of his that can be downloaded) and the work of the great Gnostic teacher Samael Aun Weor (http://www.gnosis.org).

As to whether or not these techniques can surpass the techniques of the fire - that is up to the reader to decide after extensive experience with all of them.

All the best in experimenting with these .

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Date:2006-06-05 13:07
Subject:Sacred Fire-Starter
Mood: energetic

I have always been a pyromaniac. When I was four years old, at a party , my parents gave me two boxes of matches to play with . I built a structure in the middle of the floor on the carpet and whoosh the whole lot went up and there was a nice black hole in the carpet. From then on I was fascinated with anything that could burn. Fireworks, were my next plaything. I would build campfires in the garden and set fires in bush lands. I held re-enactments of the Greek vs. Persian battles complete with flaming arcs of fire arrows. I was notorious and only really out grew all of that in my twenties. Still , sights of large firework displays set my heart racing and make me breathe faster.

It was inevitable. I looked for ways to top the experiences I had in my childhood and youth. So I joined the Fire Cult, the ancient Indo-European religion and dedicated myself to discovering everything I could about that smouldering divine spark within me.

Now if anyone wants to look at this a bit closer, the best place is at http://www.archangelpublishing.com. A book variously titled , The True History of Christianity/The True History of Witches and Wizards/ The Forbidden History of Europe by "John Smith" can be downloaded for free from the titles section.

Anyway, back to my story. Having spent many , many years finding the truth behind the ideas of the Holy Grail/Philosophers Stone, the only safe/reliable method (although slow) of spiritual advancement is through the use of Divine Fire. This is also called the Divine Feminine or the Kundalini. The best book to read on this topic is "The Perfect Matrimony" by Samael Aun Weor, freely downloadable from http://www.gnosis.org

So how does this work? Well firstly one has to work on getting mental silence (all spiritual endeavours depend on this) and then what is called one pointedness of mind (laser like concentration). There are many techniques from all the traditions for those so I won't cover it here (post a comment if you need them). Also one will need to practice a breathing technique called Ham Sa, in which the in breath is called Ham and one imagines energy going up ones spine to be stored in the crown of ones head and the out breath is a sibilant hiss, Sa, so as to hold the energy up there. This energy is what the divine mother/holy spirit uses as ammunition to create the fire to specifically dissolve ones internal limitations. If one does this thechnique until the top of ones head tingles, it is usually sufficient.

Then one will need a prayer or invocation to the Holy Spirit/Divine Feminine/Mother/Kundalini. Usually this involves the name of one of the classical female gods such as Isis, Hecate, Mary and many others.

Pentacostal (born again) Christians use this method too (except for the breathing). What they do is pray to the holy spirit to have their problems solved. Well , one could do that but I believe that is only the very beginning and there is a whole world more. The whole idea is to using concentration with one's minds eye focus on one of the many limitations or defects each of us has in our psychology and then to ask for the burning of that with the divine fire (Read the Perfect Matrimony or one of the others for more details).

There is a very great deal more on this subject but that is for each person to discover for themselves. The references and explanation here are just the beginning. The whole objective is that once all limitations are removed, one is able to reunite with ones divine essence and by so doing, be born again (ie. to become an Aryan - one who is twice born). The Pentacostal Christians method is not wrong as such but wholely inadequate because it is not proactive in hunting down and dissolving these entities. One really has to observe one's self and be exceedingly vigilant and not allow these issues to take over and run one's life.

All the best to those who try this. You will see it work and then know it for the truth.

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Date:2006-05-28 15:56
Subject:Gods or Daemons
Mood: contemplative

Recently, I have made some important discoveries in my work. I was given a book called the True History of Christianity ( also titled The Forbidden History of Europe and The True History of Wizards and Witches) which can also be downloaded for free from http://www.archangelpublshing.com.

While I have been exploring the hermetic tradition of spirituality for the last twenty years, I was only peripherally aware that there were two streams of thought within it. Towards the end of the Indo-European Empire, a cataclysm occurred . The spiritual pantheon of their religion split in half and immediate war broke out, war which has never ended. This Fall is talked about in the old testament of the bible. Within the ranks of the archangels, a group of rebels emerged. When they broke away, they split the ancient priesthood on earth and the blood bath that followed is still continuing today.

Most of the material written about spirituality today and nearly all the groups supposedly offering spiritual training have not taken this fact into account. For some reason the great religions of today take their inspiration from both camps. Consequently a schizophrenic situation has arisen in which God forces and masters from the light and dark lodges are invoked even/usually simultaneously in the same ritual . The editing of the old and new testament by the Romans (Constantine was a Roman emperor) to create the bible either by ignorance or by design include works stemming from the opposing factions . Unfortunately the consequence of this is that the dumbed down populace of the earth does not have the knowledge to see that they have been duped and have no idea of the consequences of such situation.

Now, to those new ageies who deny the existence of the Black lodge, the White Lodge encompasses those who submit to the will of the first source ( the creator ) and those of the Black Lodge resist/oppose it. Ultimately they are all one but at the moment at this level of matter war exists between these two factions (also called relativity and duality -Jachin, Boaz) and all of humanity are the cannon fodder in it.

All along I have been very unhappy with the information in the public domain concerning the Masters and the God Forces because I felt there was something wrong with it all. Those groups who invoke both forces in side themselves invite mental degeneration at best and insanity at worst. The problem is that it is really difficult to know which ones are which. That is by design. The White Lodge needs to protect itself from harm by the dark and insists on secrecy and the dark pretends to be the White in order to dupe everyone into doing their will. So confusion reigns and people are misled by the score as the black magicians pour false information into the media, the internet and flood the bookshelves.

Thus a master is not a master is not a master, because there are two types and two distinct methodologies, and two sets of God Forces to invoke for help and strength, and two paths also.

It is not for me to say who is who for several reasons except to implore people to reflect deeply who they are trying to work with, what they are looking for and to bear in mind spiritual progress is not associated with the dark masters whose sole purpose is to specifically stymie that. Please do not take on trust the methods and opinions of so called experts and blindly carry out practices which you have no idea about.

So I say to those who seek the light. If you do not ask you will not get. Ask for help to find the true path of your divine being and ask for help that you may discern the traps set by the dark to divert you from that purpose.

May you be among the few who makes that journey.

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Date:2005-06-18 22:29
Subject:Alternatives to the Jewish Kabbalah
Mood: hopeful

The Chaldæan Oracles
The Chaldæan Oracles Attributed To Zoroaster
By William Wynn Wescott
Preface by Sapere Aude

Material from The Golden Dawn.

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